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Diets? How many have you used? They are so difficult to stick to no matter how motivated we are; it goes great for so long then boredom sets in. ‘Oh just one won’t hurt’, which leads to two, three …

The problem is we are trying to persuade a part of us that what we have being doing for years is wrong. Often our weight problems relate to learnt behaviour, did you have to sit at the table until your plate was finished? When you were good you were given sweet treats? Large family, so you had to eat quick to ensure you had your share?

These behaviours carry forward into our adult life and create eating habits that are hard to break, similarly, we often hear people say they are comfort eaters; as a babies we associate feeding with comfort and some say this feeling never leaves us. So we reach for food we like to help comfort us when we are feeling low, stresses or sad.

Knowing that these associations exist help you to change your relationships with food, leaving you able to create new healthier choices; you will receive an individualised Mp3/CD to help create these changes. Increasing motivation helps with exercise and fat burning, setting goals is important for future goals; this is something we will discuss to create a programme that is specific to you. These are some of the things we can address using Hypnotherapy, along with regular contact by email or text to keep you on track.

Wise up to why you have the eating habits that have held you back and become the confident, healthier and fitter person you know you can be!

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