Hypnobirthing Birth Preparation Courses and Pregnancy Relaxation.


Interactive classes for couples providing information to take the anxiety, fear and worry out of labour, birth and parenting. Dispeling the myths and horror stories that we are bombarded with that increase fear, tension and then pain. Pregnancy should be exciting, and the 'Birth'day a celebration of your strength, relationship and future.

The classes will be inforamtive, fun and more than anything else positive,  based on good practice and evidence.


After your initail enquiry i will send you a booking form with details of payment. A  £19 deposit will secure your place and you will recieve your MP3s to start your relaxation practice. You can pay by, BACS, Paypal or cash,  the  balance is payable before/on your first session.


You can attend with up to 2 birthing companions. There will be usually only 6 couples although I will take up to 8 if needed.


I teach in a variety of venues and times, you can sign up for 4 week courses, one day workshops, time scarce you can book 121 sessions in your home at dates and times that suit you. 


New to One Born Without the Drama is 6 week Pregnancy Relaxation Course £30 or pay as you go £7 a session., You can attend at anytime in your pregnancy to reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep and increase birth confidence. This is bookable online on my specific website, link below.


You can also read my blog which is on my website to give you more information.


The topics covered are listed below, each sesion will include relaxation, breathing and baby care alongside valuable information for a positive birth experience. PLEASE VISIT MY SPECIFIC WEBSITE FOR MORE DETAILS, www.one-born-without-the-drama.co.uk

Opening Hours.


Tuesday - 9am - 6pm

Wednesday - 5.30 - 9pm.

Thursday - 12.30 - 5.30pm.

Friday - 9am - 6pm.

Saturday- 9am - 3pm.

Sunday. 9am - 7pm.


Stockton, Thornaby, Yarm, Billingham, Middlesbrough, Hartlepool, Darlington, Stokesley, Hemlington, Thirsk, Sunderland, Saltburn and all the Teesside area.



Your intial session will be on average 1.5 hours, subsequent sessions will be 1 hour, I do not charge and extra for an initial session.


You can book below once a date and tme has been agreed with me.




EFT Initail session £40


Combined Hypnotherapy and EFT session £60.

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