HypnoBirthing - The Mongan method.

As a newly qualified midwife I was affected by the fear and pain I often saw women experiencing and partners helpless and not knowing how to help; I wanted to provide a different way and this is how I found then trained to become a HypnoBirthing Practitioner. There are many other Hypno-birthing companies out there but the Mongan Method is the original and the five sessions cover a lot of information that is needed to empower not only the woman but the partner too.

You can go to www.hypnobirthing-uk.com to find out more about this programme and the birthing statistics that demonstrate how effective this method is.

Marie Mongan developed HypnoBirthing twenty five years ago to help her daughter have a positive birthing experience, she drew on the work of Grantly Dick Read, an obstetrician from the early 1900’s; he was the founder of the National Childbirth Trust. Antenatal education was promoted by him to take away a woman’s fear, decreasing her tension and consequently her pain.

The combination of antenatal education and Hypnotherapy provide a comprehensive course to facilitate a calm, gentle birth experience for the woman, her partner and their baby.

Read the stories from some of my clients.


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