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I am often in contact with couples that have been through the stress of trying to conceive naturally and/or undergoing fertility treatment; they are inspiring in their dedication to their dream of being a family. I will not quote statistics or describe reasons for infertility as everyone’s journey is different with its own challenges to overcome. However, I can explain how Hypnotherapy can help to fulfil that dream.

Hypnotherapy is very effective at restoring balance to your mind and body, these imbalances may be physiological and be the course of your struggle, they may impact on your health, limit your chances of success or cause psychological blocks. The therapy can be used to create calm and relaxation, releasing stress and anxiety which may help natural concept or it can be used to enhance IVF treatments.  

Often the first advice you are given is to ensure your body is ready to conceive, this may be difficult if you have long term habits; smoking, increased weight, poor nutrition, work/family stress, anxiety. All of these can inhibit your chances of conceiving, Hypnotherapy can help break unwanted habits, increase motivation to eat healthier/ exercise, reduce stress and anxiety. All of this negativity can impact on your menstrual cycle and fertility health, using the power of your mind, positive suggests and relaxation can change these negatives to positives. Stress is said to be one of the biggest problems for fertility.

Trying for a baby can create high levels of stress and anxiety on couples leading to emotional and physical barriers. Tubal spasms, which can cause problems for ovulation and conception can be caused by stress; Hypnotherapy can help by lower stress levels subconsciously. Additionally, there is some evidence to suggest that Hypnotherapy may lower the hormone prolactin; this hormone suppresses ovulation, which means that you may get your timing wrong and miss the window of opportunity. By lowering the hormone, ovulation happens as it should and that window of opportunity is where it should be.

There are many stories of couples having ‘one last try’, or ‘accepting they could not have a family’ and then finding themselves pregnant. The body and mind relaxed because the pressure and stress was taken away, psychological barriers tumbled down and their body and mind became ready to nurture a baby. Hypnotherapy works in a similar way; releasing your unconscious, so you no longer feel anxious about the next attempt and the negative emotions previously held cannot affect you, leaving you open both physically and emotionally to creating your baby.

Unhelpful thoughts and emotions can be linked to problems with conception. Each woman, man, couple have their own individual issues, sometimes they are related to sexual issues, fears or childbirth, financial concerns, lifestyle changes, parenting issues…. The list goes on as we are all individual.  With all of my clients my Hypnotherapy is client focused, listening to your needs, worries and goals helps me to create a unique series of hypnotherapy sessions targeted on creating a positive, relaxed and calmer version of youselves, helping you to achieve your dream.

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