??Beautifully Blooming??

As a practising midwife I know only too well that pregnancy does not always leave you ‘blooming’! There are many problems in pregnancy that can affect your mental and physical health, along with the strains of carrying your developing ‘bundle of joy’.

In early pregnancy morning sickness or the more serious Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) can leave you feeling emotional, weak and lethargic. There is research that suggests this can be treated with Hypnotherapy, The Duchess of Cambridge used this treatment in her last pregnancy.

It is theorised that hypnotherapy works in two ways, firstly, deep relaxation decreases the sympathetic nervous system which is the control room of our bodies functions; this dumbs down the messages and triggers that are causing the problem. Secondly, through positive suggestion the symptoms and triggers could be removed or reduced, so enabling a light diet and a more positive mental attitude. Additionally, it has been proposed that Hypnotherapy could be used with women who suffer from morning sickness to prevent the nausea progressing to HG.

As pregnancy progresses pre-pregnancy problems may be exacerbated, worries about the development of your baby and wanting to do the right thing may feel difficult due to long standing habits. Fears embedded from the abundance of negative pregnancy ideas cause anxiety, coming to terms with lifestyle changes, becoming a parent…. Many issues can cause anxiety and worry.

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction can cause pain and lack of mobility, causing despondency and tiredness due to lack of sleep. Pain management can be effectively reduced with Hypnotherapy.

Pregnancy is beautiful, but it has its challenges, although many disappear when you gaze into your baby’s eyes for the first time. Let me help you be ‘beautifully Blooming’!

Below are some of the issues I can help with although this is not an exhaustive list, contact me for a chat to discuss how I can help.


Smoking Cessation.                                                             Motivation to eat well.

Pain Control, for SPD and more                                       Wieght management.

Anxiety/Stress                                                                       Relaxation to aid sleeping.

Fears around parenthood/childbirth.                                  Needle/hospital phobias.

























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