Answering all your questions on Pregnancy, Labour and Birth.
Answering all your questions on Pregnancy, Labour and Birth.

Infertility, Pregnancy, Labour and Birth.

As a midwife and mother of three, and soon to be grandma of two I have always had an interest in issues of infertility, pregnancy, labour and birth. Having qualified with a BscHons in Midwifery in 2004 I started my journey, fresh faced and eager to change the world!

I have witnessed the emotional struggle couples go through to achieve their dream of being a family, along with clients who have been too fearful to contemplate a family for various psychological reasons. Hypnotherapy can help with this journey, relieving stress and anxiety and encouraging you to take a holistic view.

Working as a midwife I see the not so blooming parts of pregnancy, such as, hyperemesis and SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction). Along with raised anxiety which are pregnancy/birth related or long term anxiety. All of these can be helped with Hypnotherapy.

Similarly, I was often struck by the fear and tension couples presented in, in the varying stages of pregnancy and labour. Couples are bombarded by myths, negative media focus and even comments from well-intentioned friends and family, all these do is prepare a couple for that experience not theirs!! Birth is beautiful, it is your child’s 'Birth' day after all!

Hypnotherapy can achieve so much but where childbirth is concerned antenatal education is also paramount, information is power. Once you know the birth process, how it is a team effort, you, your baby and your birth partner, fear and tension are released.

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